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|[[User:Dhutty | Duncan Hutty]], [[User:Bethlynn|Beth Lynn Eicher]]
|[[User:Dhutty | Duncan Hutty]], [[User:Bethlynn|Beth Lynn Eicher]]
|[http://www.wplug.org/mailman/listinfo/pitt-osm pitt-osm] [http://www.wplug.org/pipermail/pitt-osm/ (archives)]
|Pittsburgh - Open Street Map discussion list
|[[User:loupgaroublond | Yaakov M Nemoy]]

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WPLUG operates the following mailing lists. To subscribe to a list or manage your subscription to each list, click the link that is the name of the list. That link will also take you to a page where you can view the archives of the mailing list.

General Discussion Lists

name description administrator(s) moderator(s)
wplug (archives) The main list, general discussion and announcements Beth Lynn Eicher Duncan Hutty
wplug-announce (archives) Announcements only Michael Semcheski, Vance Kochenderfer
wplug-market (archives) Buy, sell, and trade Linux compatible hardware and software James O'Kane
wplug-jobs (archives) Local Linux, Unix, and Open Source career discussion. Recruiters may post jobs that are within this scope and job-seekers may post resumes. Duncan Hutty, Michael Semcheski
wplug-erie (archives) ErieLUG discussion list Duncan Hutty, Beth Lynn Eicher
pitt-osm (archives) Pittsburgh - Open Street Map discussion list Yaakov M Nemoy

Administrative Lists

name description administrators
wplug-plan (archives) Event and organizational planning Michael Semcheski
wplug-internet (archives) WPLUG Internet Committee list Beth Lynn Eicher
wplug-board (archives) Internal board management. Not open to new subscribers, but you are welcome to view the archives. Michael Semcheski, Vance Kochenderfer
wplug-members (archives) Official announcements to WPLUG members. Michael Semcheski, Vance Kochenderfer

Obsolete Lists

These are no longer active, but the archives remain available.

name description
wplug-bsd (archives) BSD related discussions
wplug-radio (archives) Radio/podcast show
wplug-web (archives) Web site technical talk (superseded by wplug-internet)
wplug-news (archives) Newsletter discussion

Email Aliases

name description recipients
info@wplug.org General WPLUG information address Mathieu Dubé
top@wplug.org The Open Pitt newsletter committee Vance Kochenderfer, Michael Semcheski
events@wplug.org WPLUG program committee Beth Lynn Eicher, Ted Rodgers, Brian Seklecki