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I'm Dave Ostroske, and now the whole world knows who "eksortso" is.

I first learned about Linux in 1998, and I use nothing but Linux on my desktop and laptop computers at home.

My forte is databases, and I've done some significant development work. I'm not a sysadmin, though, nor a hardware hacker, and I'm forced to use Microsoft Windows at work. So my use of Linux at work is limited. But I can cite Linux and other open-source projects as my re-entry into the world of computers, and I promote free/liberty and open-source software wherever and whenever I feasibly can.

I was on the WPLUG Bylaws Revision Committee in 2004-05, and served on the WPLUG Board from October 2005 to March 2007. I'm still an active supporter of WPLUG, and in December 2009, I was re-elected to the Board.

I'm a lot more interesting than all that, though. Just ask me to talk about myself the next time you see me. I'll gladly do the same for you.

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