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# New Business
# New Business
= Items for Discussion =
Ordinare il migliore enchancers sessuale con libero durante la notte per via aerea la consegna per i migliori prezzi:
Instead of cluttering the agenda above, I'm going to put some notes here.  Relevant items can be folded into the minutes later.  Feel free to add to this.  [[User:Vance|Vance]] 14:03, 12 February 2007 (EST)
* Vice-Chair's report
** Out of brochures - discuss design and printing of new ones
** Should V-C have an inventory of brochures, business cards, CDs, stickers, etc. to mail out to folks who inquire about WPLUG?
* Program Comittee
** We could use a database of experts.  I've had a couple of people ask about "So when are you going to have someone speak on Xen?  I asked about that a few months ago." or "When is a python talk coming up?".  These people obviously don't realize the work required to find speakers on these topics, if we had a database, that would be helpful.
** Meeting at Team-1 systems next Tuesday
* PR Committee
** Joint happy hour-like event with TiE Pittsburgh
** [[PRCommittee/Survey_Draft|Survey]]
** [[Study_Group|Certification study group]]
* Newsletter Committee
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** January issue out
** Three books distributed to reviewers
** Can use content for February issue
* New Business
** Organize a [http://barcamp.org/ BarCamp] event in Pittsburgh for user groups?
= Meeting Minutes =
= Meeting Minutes =

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