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This page is for collecting together efforts by WPLUG to help deploy Linux systems to local organizations and individuals in need.

February 7, 2011 meeting notes[edit]

Homeless Children's Education Fund[edit]

  • Ten learning centers, ~3 PCs at each
  • One-day census counted 875 homeless children served in Allegheny County, likely more uncounted
  • Possible deployments
  1. Some in public schools, some in shelters
  2. Starter computers for transient children
  3. HEARTH apartment house with common room
  • Summit II taking place on April 8

Goodwill / Computereach[edit]

  • Keeping old systems out of landfills
  • Computereach working with Brother's Brother foundation - deployed 320 Mac G3s to Nicaragua
  • Goodwill setting up future facility in Lawrenceville to serve as hub for computer donations - date uncertain

Next steps[edit]

  • Establish joint special interest group with WPLUG, Computereach, and others to build and support Linux machines
  • Mailing list set up
  • Possibility of setting up dedicated NTP server to count deployed systems? (Configure machines to use it for time sync.)
  • Opportunities for direct deployment? (So we can build & deploy without having to warehouse machines.)
  • Set up systems to serve as network routers / firewalls?
  • CRTs in huge supply - figure out where it makes sense to use
  • Investigate Project Caua (listen to audio presentation here) as a model?