Snyder Park

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Snyder Park is located in Whitehall Borough, in the South Hills. It is located minutes South of Liberty Tunnels and minutes North of Century III Mall. If you know where Baldwin High School is, you are practically there. There are brief directions on the borough's web site, but the ones below are a bit more detailed.


  • There is a covered shelter with two picnic tables. Also inside the shelter are men's and ladies' restrooms.
  • Basketball court
  • Baseball field
  • Various playground equipment for children of all ages (swings, baby swings, slides, pretend horse carriage)
  • The nearby municipal complex has tennis courts


Across Route 51 and South a block is Borough Park Drive. You will want to turn there (turn left if you are coming from the South, turn right if you are coming from the North). You will know that you are in the right place because you will see the First Commonwealth Bank and a car dealership at the intersection of 51 and Borough Park Drive.

Borough Park Drive will take you up a windy hill. You will pass many Whitehall Borough facilities, such as the salt pile, the tennis courts, the police station and the library. Before you realize it as you go straight you will continue on to Flamingo Drive. Look right because you will not be on Flamingo for more than a few car lengths. Turn right onto Southvue and go up the hill. Snyder Park will be on your left. There is a parking lot there but it's ok to park on the street.

If Snyder Park had an address it would be around 250 Southvue Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15236. Use this address in your favorite driving directions website.

Bus Routes[edit]

Several PAT buses, including the 46G and 51C come very close to the picnic location. For those who wish to take public transportation, more information can be found on their website.

Biking from the city[edit]

Start on Carson Street and take 18th street through Mt. Oliver. When you get to Carrick, 18th Street is renamed "Brownsville Road." Continue on Brownsville to Brentwood and into Whitehall. Cross 51 staying on Brownsville and make the first left at the red light onto Brownsville (if you stay straight, you will be on Baptist which is off your path). Go on Brownsville until you reach Snyder Drive and make a left. You will see Snyder drive if you follow the blue library sign. Once Snyder ends, make a right onto Parkview. After about 4 houses, make a left onto Southvue. You should see the park from here.


Sign at the entrance to the park

View of entrance from the road

Parking lot with pavilion at right

The picnic pavilion, restrooms are behind the door on the left

Basketball court

Baseball field

Slides and playground equipment