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Linux Cert Study Group A group within WPLUG interested in preparing for some sort of Certification (Redhat, LPI, etc.)

Mailing List[edit]

A mailing list has been set up on FreeLists for the group. Messages for the list can be sent to (you must be subscribed to post).

Review Resources:[edit]


Certification Test Facilities:[edit]

New Horizons Pittsburgh New Horizons aka Prometric Prometric

Riverhead Training offers the Linux+ and LPI exams.

Also, Red Hat's courses (and exams) are hosted by Riverhead Training ( in downtown Pittsburgh. Red Hat is somewhat unique in the industry in that their adminster their exams themselves and not thru an independent channel such as VUE or Prometric.

Red Hat exams are also much more expensive than typical IT certifications. The RHCT exam is around $349 and the RHCE exam is about $749.

The RHCT/RHCE certification has historically be the most highly touted but it's starting to decline and the LPI certifications are catching up.

The LPI exams will be offered at Ohio LinuxFest 2007, probably at a reduced rate. Check their web site or contact the organizers at for more details.

The Ubuntu professional certification is built on top of the LPI level 1. There are training courses offered, but none of these appear to be local.

PC Laboratory Facilities:[edit]

The following facilities have been offered for labs:

Please list ideas for labs:

  • We could get a group together to install Edubuntu and Linux Terminal Server Project at Zion Christian Church. This would be ideal for these PCs which are a few years old at this point. We have an old NT server which we could reinstall as the Terminal Server and we could configure the PCs to boot over the network and load the OS, etc.
  • The Brookline Library has a nice meeting room with Internet access, although for a lab environment you would need to set up/tear down for each meeting. The latest they are open is 7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Minutes of First Meeting

For more information on the Linux Cert Study Group, contact Greg Simkins