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Venue Info[edit]

Meeting to be held at The Coffee Tree Roasters at 5524 Walnut Street in Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA 15232. 6:00pm, Tuesday, October 2, 2012.




The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group was held on Tuesday, October 2, 2012, at 6:04 PM, at Coffee Tree Roasters in Shadyside. The regular presiding officer was in the Chair and the Secretary was present. The August 7, 2012 and September 4, 2012 minutes were approved as read.

The Chair reports that there was no Software Freedom Day event this year, as there was a late start, and not enough interest from volunteers was obtained in time. The Chair is hopeful that something can be put together for next year, however.

The Chair also mentioned that there will be one or more lightning talks at the upcoming general meeting on October 13th. There will likely be talks by the Vice Chair and the Treasurer, but a post should be made to the WPLUG mailing list to see if anybody else is interested in giving a talk.

Finally, the Chair mentioned that elections will happen in November, as well as an Installfest in December, likely at the Monroeville Public Library.

The Vice Chair has nothing to report.

The Secretary reported that the current membership count is at 18.

The Treasurer reported that no further bank statements were received. The last bank statement showed a total of $829.65. After this, $260.00 was paid to Linode, and there was payment to Patty Doody and the Chair as well. He mentioned that the check written to Patty Doody cleared, but he isn't sure about the one written to the Chair. Lastly, the Treasurer mentioned he may have an 80 port switch that he can donate to WPLUG. He will know more details in the near future.

The Internet committee has nothing to report.

The Program Committee reports that there's an upcoming general user meeting on October 13th. One thing that needs to get talked about is utilizing Stripe for online memberships and donations.

It would be nice to have at least two lightning talks for this meeting. Also during the meeting, there will be nominations for new board, with the election to follow in November. A speaker is still needed for November. Perhaps Beth Lynn Eicher could be contacted after she returns from Ghana so she could talk about her experience. This would likely be for a future meeting like January, however, as long as she's in the area at the time.

A venue still needs to be decided upon for the December Installfest. Likely the Monroeville Public Library will be chosen.

The Investigating Committee has nothing to report.

The Wilkins School Network Committee reports that there was an email from Brian Seklecki about some wiring changes for the Wilkins School upgrade. The board had previously delegated authority to him to get this done without WPLUG's intervention, so he must communicate with Wilkins School (Patty Doody and others) directly about any work that needs to get done.

The Newsletter Committee has nothing to report.

The Public Relations Committee has nothing to report.

There are no Special Orders.

There is no Unfinished Business to discuss.

There is no New Business to discuss.

The meeting adjourned at 6:33 PM.

Joseph Prostko Secretary, Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group