WPLUG Server Migration of 2007

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We need to get the board to release funds for the migration. Get an account and billing setup. Get the server set up. Move services. Test, test, test. Change our DNS. Return existing hardware to its rightful owners.

It is key that along the way, we document and document well, everything we do. The goal is for a completely new team to be able to come in and assume control and maintain the working state of the system.


Services to Move[edit]

monkeybot, an IRC bot.
*done* wiki. The new main website will be a wiki.
mail service
mailman - The mailing lists are very important.
existing files

New Things We Need[edit]

Plan for assigning responsibilities for server maintenance.
Plan for managing the account / root access.

Plan of Attack[edit]

  1. Get the money from the board... Done.
  2. Get an account with a VPS provider... Done.
  3. Install a virtual machine on the account... Done. (CentOS 4.)
  4. Install MediaWiki...
    1. Install and Setup Apache.
    2. Install and Setup a database server (either mySQL or postgres).
    3. Set things up.
    4. Transfer the necessary content.
  5. Transition DNS for www.wplug.org.
  6. Setup mail services...
  7. More to come...