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This special election is to fill the position of Treasurer on the WPLUG board. This new officer will serve on the WPLUG board until October 2007, the end of the current term. This is the only position we are electing for at this meeting.

The ballot for this election is available File:2007 06 WPLUG Ballot.pdf.

There are two candidates running for the position, Michael Hansell and David Kraus. The board sent a brief questionnaire to the candidates, and their statements appear at the bottom of this page.

Ask the Candidates[edit]

There will be a special ask the candidates session in the WPLUG IRC channel (irc.freenode.net, channel #wplug) on Wendesday, June 6th, 2007 from 8-9pm EDT. We encourage all members to attend and ask questions of the candidates. There will not be an ask the candidates session at the user meeting.

Candidate Statements[edit]

These responses are exactly as received by the WPLUG board. The only changes were wiki formatting to make it preformatted text.

David Kraus[edit]

== Background Information ==
Your Name: David Kraus (apa curlynoodle)

Your Profession:
Automation/Controls Developer

How long Have You Been Involved With WPLUG?
I began as a list lurker in 2005, then signed on as an active member
in Aug 2006.

== Candidate Questions ==
What qualities do you think make you qualified for Treasurer?

- I strive to build and maintain professional yet collegial
relationships with my fellow WPLUG members and others in the
- I pride myself as being a trustworthy person who can also add,
subtract, multiply and divide.

What is one new idea that you'd like to implement as a member of the
WPLUG board?

Organize an introductory presentation/workshop for local middle and
high school students to help bolster interest in compsci, programming,
OSS, and Linux.  (May not be a 'new' idea, but  I think its a good

What are some things you can help WPLUG do better as a member of
the WPLUG board?

- Actively seek new presenters for meetings and special events.
- Promote the organization (and Linux) in new areas of industry. i.e.
automation and controls.
- Help with site content updates and communications.

Final Free Response Space (use this to say anything else):

If elected, I pledge to execute the role of WPLUG Treasurer to the
best of my ability and always in the best interest of the
organization. I will do my part to strengthen the organization and
help make it an even better resource for our community. 

Michael Hansell[edit]

My name is Michael Hansell, I've been with WPLUG since BethLynn
introduced me back in 2004. I have recently graduated (April 2007) from
the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in ADMJ Computer Forensics.
During the last semester I worked under BethLynn at TimeSys Corporation
as a Systems Administrator. Before that I worked with X-Cel Quality
Services as a Manager of Information Systems for about 7 years.

While with WPLUG I have been on numerous committees, including currently
the Investigating Committee, and the Public Relations committee. 

While at the University of Pittsburgh I was the President of the Impax
Advance Weapons Club, Vice President for Panther Grappling club,
Business Manager for 3 clubs; the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club, Abro's
Capoeira club, and the Panther Grappling club.

I also earned my Eagle Scout badge from troop 195 in 1998. 

I’m currently looking for a job, and am looking at going for my Masters
of Business Administration, Masters of Information Systems, and/or
Master of Science in Information Science (MSIS) Security Assured
Information Systems (SAIS). There is also talk of me doing a seminar for
the American Society for Quality speaking about ISO certifications and

While with the martial art clubs at Pitt I had the reputation for being
the go to guy for interclub communication and was responsible for alot
of get togethers. In this grain I would like to see WPLUG have more
connection with some of the other communities of the PA, Ohio, and WV areas.